• Sales and data analysis help us determine the best course of action for YOU.
  • Let us show you how we get RESULTS!
  • From concept to shelf, KKM has the experience you NEED.
  • Our experienced team of professionals create strategies that WIN.


Vendor Managed Inventory (VMI)

  • With VMI services, KKM takes over the control of the ordering process from the retailer and acts as a personal inventory planner.
  • KKM provides greater focus and attention to your DC service levels and the immediate ability to take action on any potential service issues.
  • We can offer complete visibility to your forecast as well as the ability to adjust both forecasts and orders, ensuring higher service levels and in-stock position.
  • VMI offers improved in-stock, sales, and efficiencies in supply chain.



  • KKM provides EDI services to all suppliers by allowing receipts of both live and carbon copy orders.
  • We offer acceptance of most major EDI transmission documents, and can also act as a host for your EDI partnering needs.
  • Our team of customer service professionals assist with order tracking, invoice confirmation, and appointment tracking to ensure that your products ship and deliver on time!


Planogram Services

  • KKM currently provides ad-hoc planogramming services for all clients who present a need.
  • Using Nielsen's Spaceman planogramming software, we have the ability to create and save planograms in most major file types, as well as provide PDF copies for distribution.
  • Our physical planogram areas allow for setting and photographing full departments, and our planogram conference room provides an area to present live layouts during meetings.



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